Migrant in USA? Auto Insurance Important Information

Being a migrant in the United States and wishing to have a car insurance may initially have some complications when compared to the citizens or who have been in the country for quite some time. Complications further increase especially if you do not have adequate knowledge and no one to advice.

One of the main points focuses on solving the previous validation of the record as a driver of the foreign insured. Remember that validating a good driving record could assure the interested party better rates in their insurance policy.

In order to have an auto insurance you must consider some important aspects. Factors such as age, civil condition, car model, accumulated traffic fines, among others are of vital importance for insurance companies. And, of course, another variable to take into account is referred to the driving history of the driver or also known as “Record”. A driver’s record contains important information for insurers and competent authorities.

The record of the policy includes, amongst other data, accidents that have occurred with the insured at the wheel, suspensions of the driver’s license that have occurred, fines, and so on. This document can be requested through the offices of the Secretary of State concerned. Another way of application is online and finally through the company that will manage the vehicle insurance.

But, if you are a immigrant driver in USA, what are the steps to follow?

Remember that if you do not have driving record in the USA, the odds of having a cheap car insurance are low. So it is recommended you to follow the below recommendations.

You can apply for the so-called “Driving Record” that may include an additional cost due to the procedure to be performed.¬†Although you must’ve been an excellent driver in your own country. However when it comes to United States, you need to prove it and the only solution is through the previous record.

In this procedure, the new insurer will require legally certified copies of the last policies contracted in the countries of origin and the details of their activity, as well as an official record of such history.

Each document must be duly translated into English, and you must also provide your identity documents, such as your passport.

Finally, an excellent advice for any migrant who wishes to buy an automobile insurance in the United States is to go to companies specialized in processing insurance where you can have the certainty of finding the cheapest car insurance, tailored to your needs and with a complete advice and processing necessary.

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