7 Differences: RuPay vs Mastercard, Visa, AmEx

RuPay Card vs MasterCard, Visa & AmEx

RuPay card is India’s answer to the two most dominant market transaction processing players in the world Visa, MasterCard, AmEx owned by Visa Inc., MasterCard Inc. and American Express Co. respectively. India is now the sixth country in the world to have domestic payment gateway system. Other five countries are US, Japan, China, Singapore and Brazil.

Having our own domestic card payment network which helps in electronic money transfers will help both banks (between 200-250 member banks) and consumers in the following way:

  • Processing Fee: Since every transaction through RuPay will take place within India, the banks will have to pay less service charge to the payment gateway as compared to Visa, MasterCard and others. For e.g. If a person does a transaction of say Rs. 2,000 then banks will have to pay around  Rs.. 2.50 when RuPay is used whereas for the same transaction amount, Visa or Mastercard will charge Rs. 3.25. Technically speaking, transactions done through international cards is processed in foreign country which involves higher charge which helps in generating profit for Visa/MasterCard whereas RuPay transactions would happen domestically so charge would be less.
  • Faster transactions: Since processing would be down within India the transactions would be faster as compared to other cards.
  • International Acceptance: As of now RuPay card doesn’t have international acceptance, whereas Visa or Mastercard have been in the market since many years and accepted by most of retailers online or offline such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others. Also National Payments Corp of India (NPCI) who promotes RuPay card is working hard to spread it’s acceptance worldwide by partnering with Discover Financial Services and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB). Read more about where you can use RuPay card and how to use the card for online payments. Also check out various offers for RuPay card holders
  • Quarterly Fee: In case of Visa and others banks have to pay a quarterly fee which won’t be required in case of RuPay.
  • Card Type: Currently RuPay offers only debit card whereas Visa and MasterCard offers debit, credit and debit card. However RuPay credit card would be made available hopefully by March 2015.
  • Entry Fee: In case of international cards banks have to pay entry fee to be a part of their network which is not the case with RuPay card i.e. no joining fee for the banks.
  • Member Banks: RuPay card is offered by public sector, select private banks, rural and co-operative banks (total 200-250 member banks) whereas others don’t include such small banks in their network. Checkout eligibility for getting RuPay card and withdrawal limit.

Why RuPay will take time to beat these international competitors?

  1. They are made to earn profit and are financially strong companies. But in case of RuPay; it’s objective is not to make profit. So naturally beating these big guys will take time.
  2. They have been in the business for over four decades and more. Whereas RuPay is just 5 years old.
  3. RuPay card users are largely from the lower income groups especially from Jan Dhan Account holders. Since PMJDY was targeted for people from rural India, their usage is expected to be lower. In comparison Visa, Mastercard and AmEx have been a preferred choice by individuals from urban cities with higher spending. This means higher income for Visa, Mastercard and Amex.
  4. Lack of awareness is also halting the growth of RuPay debit card.
  5. In case of global players, banks have special tie-ups with many Indian banks offering deals, vouchers and more. But not in case of RuPay.

Latest news on RuPay (18Feb2015) – Very soon Virtual RuPay Card will be launched. Read more about IRCTC RuPay Pre-Paid Debit card which was launched on 24March2015 for online booking of railway tickets.

Also to increase it’s spread recently Government of India launched Jan Dhan Scheme under which every account holder would receive RuPay debit card. See also Jan Dhan Yojana benefits. This will directly increase RuPay’s use. Do you know about Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana for a girl child in which you get interest rate of 9.1%? Check out example of interest rate calculation: invest Rs. 10,000 every year and get Rs. 5,26,051 after 21 years.

Are you aware that – Indian banks now offer cardless withdrawal at ATM. i.e. no need for a recipient to have a ATM card to withdraw money. Read out more on this.


    Most of the Private sector banks promote VISA as well as Master Card. They are not interested to promote the Rupay Card. India needs the World Wide Acceptance of Rupay Card. By providing low cost processing fees we can compete with the International Player of such cards. There will be a huge scope in India’s BPO business.

  • abhishek lodha

    Rupay card is shit….i am a regular customer of Steam Gaming web….it ony accept mastercard and visa…now union bank issued me rupay card since my visa is expired in 2016….now i m unable to do transaction intentionally…Incredible india…

  • Nihadh

    I have a debit card of Corporation Bank. How do I convert it to RuPay card?

  • Shekhar Sharma

    I have a Rupay debit card.I want to change my Rupay debit card in Visa Debit Card..Sö can I pay Extra charge or Any fees(Like other queterly charge)..?

  • Muhammed

    its good to have our own card but rupay doesnt work for international transactions.
    its india made, you have to keep patience. its annoying over all.

  • Mahesh

    Government should promote Rupay card. It will stop foreign flow of money to visa and master card.

  • pavish kumar signh


  • babu

    Y people of rupay has not spread in social media make some templets and published in social media make in india

  • harish

    I hate RUPAY Card

  • Abhishek

    Rupay is available on both paytm and flipkart.. i use it

    • morvaidyaH.K.

      kitna time hua hai service suru hue unka …???

    • Archit

      Rupay dosn’t works on many sites…which includes DMRC. I know its new and some sites namely Paytm, Flipkart has started using Rupay Debit cards but you should also know that still there are many sites on which either Rupay transaction is not allowed or your transaction gets declined due to some errors.
      Its good but i am having many problems while doing online transactions since i changed my Master Debit card to Rupay Debit card. Now i just hope that its services gets more better and spreads in every country as fast as possible.

  • vivek

    rupay is not.working in many.sites.like Flipkart, paytm,etc

  • Ankur

    Can i pay my insurance premium through Rupay card



  • Pankaj Bhayani

    Let me know whether Andhra Bank is of rupay programme or not

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