HSBC Credit Card Payment: 13 Options – Online & Offline

In order to provide convenience to their customers, HSBC offers following 13 options to make credit card bill payment.

8 Online Options: There are multiple ways to pay HSBC credit card payment. This includes from HSBC & other bank’s online facility.

Here is the table showing all the payment methods along with the details of each.

From HSBC BankFrom Other BanksOffline Options
Cash payment
Mobile AppVISA money transferAt HSBC ATM
Mobile WebsiteECSMail cheque/draft
Direct DebitBill DeskPayment over phone

From HSBC Bank:

  1. From HSBC website: Through internet banking you can pay your monthly bills in a hassle-free way. The steps are very simple. Just login to HSBC netbanking using username and password provided by the bank. Visit credit card section and you will see due amount. Just click on paynow and complete the payment process. You can either pay minimum amount or full payment.
  2. Mobile website: Process is similar as mentioned in the above option. Only difference is you need to open the mobile version of the website on your smartphone.
  3. Mobile app: Almost every bank now offers app to provide good customer experience. HSBC’s app name is HSBC Mobile Banking and is available on Android and iOS store. Prerequisite for using the app is that you need to be a registered user of personal internet banking with the bank.
  4. Direct debit: This is considered to be the most convenient option to pay credit card bill. You just need to enter card details once and set date on which money to get auto-debited from your HSBC account. On the set date, money will be automatically debited and transferred to the card account. No need to remember due date every month.

4 payment options from other bank:

  1. NEFT: With this you can pay monthly card payment from account held at non-HSBC bank. You will have to login on the bank’s website and enter 16 digit card number and IFSC code which is HSBC0400002.
  2. Bill Desk: Another option provided by the bank is bill desk. Visit and securely pay the bills from account held at any bank. You will find almost every bank listed on billdesk. Keep following details handy: 16 digit card number, E-mail ID and mobile number as mentioned in the bank’s record. The transfer is instant.
  3. VISA money transfer: Yet another fastest way to pay credit card bill is from the card held of another bank.
  4. ECS: You can also allow HSBC bank to directly debit money from another bank account on a set date. With this, you can avoid missed payments which often impacts your credit history. Check out how to improve CIBIL credit score.

5 Offline Options:

  1. Cash payment (over the counter): This option is not recommended as it is time consuming as you have to visit bank physically. Moreover Rs. 100 is charged by the bank for cash payment.
  2. At HSBC ATM: You can deposit cash or cheque at any of the ATM. But remember that, the day you deposit does not mean the card bill is paid. It takes 2-3 business days for the actual payment. So make sure to deposit atleast a week in advance. Or else use other methods mentioned in this article.
  3. Mail cheque/draft: You can mail cheque or demand draft of any or same bank and send it to the nearest HSBC bank’s branch.
  4. Payment over phone: With phone banking, you just need to dial following toll free numbers preferably from your registered mobile number. 1860 108 7788 or 1860 500 2277. Keep HSBC Credit Card or Banking Account / Phone Banking Number & Phone Banking PIN details handy before calling.
  5. Dropbox: Although this option is available in Mumbai, it is not recommended especially if you are depositing cash. This is because bank charges Rs. 100 in addition to other fees as per their terms and conditions. If you still want to use this option, then cheque or DD should be preferred. In Mumbai, dropboxes are located at multiple places in western, harbor, and central railway lines. Apart from this, dropboxes are also available at domestic and international airport terminals, inside 586 societies. You can get the list of dropboxes here.

Which option is best?

If you are looking for convenience and time saving, then prefer online option with direct debit from your bank account. This way you don’t have to remember paying bills every month. However make sure your account has sufficient balance to avoid penalty.

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