4 Legit Ways for Writers to Make Money Online

Making money is an extremely important aspect of anyone’s life. Individuals make a lot of sacrifices and take every effort to generate enough monetary income to meet his/her need and their dependents. However, many of us rarely focus on enjoying these working hours. Don’t we?

Thousands of people around the world complain about their jobs and, unfortunately, feel compelled to attend more than seven or eight hours a day in an office. This time does not represent any pleasant or satisfying feelings. Moreover, it is associated with stress and worry. Even if the work climate is pleasant, they are always be concerned about the opinion of our boss, meet deadlines, and look forward to the weekend. Finally they arrive home exhausted and sleep, or at worst, continue working.

Let’s be honest, who enjoys such a life? Very few. As if it weren’t terrible enough, society tends to classify these series of activities and busy lives as “SUCCESSFUL”. While the concept of success is quite complete and subjective, it should never snatch our inner calm.

Fortunately, technology and advanced technologies have come to save entrepreneurs and open up the wonderful opportunity to work from home. There is the possibility of continuing your profession from home with a much more flexible schedule. However, the real value is that you can explore all your passions and monetize them.

In order for you to achieve this goal, the techniques listed below are most commonly used by entrepreneurs to earn money by doing what they love:

1. Are you an artist or a writer? Join a freelance platform

The arts are often poorly remunerated in traditional jobs. In addition, the job niches are not very broad. However, on the Internet you will find dozens of customers eager for a cartoonist, artist or writer to complete these tasks.

All you have to do is create your profile on various platform where you can offer your services as a freelance and create a portfolio with your work, be it text or images. You will have the opportunities to illustrate books, create logos, write articles, and even write a complete book on demand.

2. Create your own blog

If you prefer to start a business on your own. You can use your skills as a writer and start a blog for free. You can express all your passions and tastes, tell your experiences or give useful advice. It can be anything you want, yoga, literature, science, technology, etc. It depends on you and your expertise.

The most popular and easiest way for writers to earn money with a blog is through advertising. You must contact some entity or company related to the niche of your blog and offer them paid advertising.

3. Sell an eBook

If you want to take your literary skills to the next level, you can write a digital book and sell it. You don’t need the approval of any publisher to make it available to the public. The most used sites to promote your eBook are Lulu, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Payhip, among others. Remember that each platform charges you a specific commission for each sale.

4. Express yourself with a YouTube channel

A lot of people have achieved incredible fame using this popular social network. If your videos are of good quality and are well received by the public, you can make a lot of money in this business. All you need is good ideas and a quality camera.

Do you like makeup? Create tutorials to get stunning eyelashes. Are you passionate about fitness life and the gym is your second home? Record videos of creative routines or meal plans. On the other hand, if you’re an academic, you can record virtual classes explaining a particular topic.

Turning your passions into income is possible with the help of the internet! Numerous world-renowned characters have expressed the importance of having a passion for work. From Confucius with his famous phrase “choose a job you like, and you’ll never have to work a single day of your life,” to successful entrepreneur Steve Jobs “the only way to do a great job is to love what you do.

And do you encourage yourself to align your passions with your job? Success awaits you!

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