These 5 thoughts make you feel POOR even if you are not

What makes you think - I'm Poor

There’s a phrase that says we become what we think. And the way you speak is the way you think. How many times in 2018 you’ve said – I don’t have any money. A lot. Isn’t it?

This phenomenon has a scientific explanation. Thinking negative is easier than thinking positive. And that’s one of the reasons why we take it for granted that money is our enemy.

All these thoughts come to us (almost always) unconsciously and we repeat them so much that they end up convincing us that – in reality- money “hates” us and therefore moves away from us.

Are you poor or do you play poor?

You have to take responsibility for what you think. The fact of saying “I don’t have any money” is a very comfortable phrase that serves as armor in the face of some problems.

Do you know the meaning of the word “poor or poverty”?

If you woke up today in your warm bed, prepared some breakfast and then took a long bath. You are lucky.

And not having access to health services, not having a place to sleep and not enjoying basic housing services is the literal definition of being poor.

Expressions that make you feel poor (even if you’re not)

You obstruct your mind because “you don’t have any money.”

Remember Where do you hear this kind of expression? “I have a lot of expenses, it’s very expensive or I earn very little.

What if instead of saying – I don’t have – You tell yourself that you are a person who enjoys abundance? Maybe, (for now) it is not true. But remember that your brain believes everything you tell it.

More dead than simple

Hold it right there. You don’t have to have a lot of wool to look good. A basic rule of thumb for a good relationship with your money is not to spend more than you have.

You say you work a lot but you don’t get the money.

There are many countries where people work a lot in terms of hours but earn the least money (e.g. India, Mexico, China, etc). We must do something to change this custom because more hours does not always mean productivity. So you must make profits from the money you earn, be smart with the movements of your money and make your money work for you.

One day Mark Zuckerberg was asked how he made it to have so much money. He replied, “What I know is that I wasn’t going to get rich working as a full-time programmer at the company where I was hired a few years ago.

Blame everyone because you don’t have money

“My parents never taught me to save, the government is stealing all my money! or the company where I work pays me very little money. That’s what we do – blame others.

This dynamic is very common and works as follows:

  • You don’t have good financial habits
  • You realize that and get bad
  • Your solution is to blame everything around you
  • You don’t do anything to change what you don’t like
  • You wait all your life for someone to come and save you
  • You die frustrated.

The neighbor’s grass is always going to be greener than yours.

This is an expression that dates back to prehistoric times, but it’s true. If you focus on what your friends or family are doing, it will hurt you. Better gather what you have achieved and see why you want it (don’t just think about it, set goals, make a list and make decisions).

What if instead of saying, “I don’t have any,” you tell yourself that you’re an abundant person?

Watch what you say, when you spend on something or when you see that your money is running out don’t think you’re getting poor. Your money must be on the move (expenses, healthy debts, savings and investments).

If you feel that your money is going away, think that the idea of keeping it close to you and not letting it go won’t help you at all. Don’t keep it under your mattress, or treasure it. Because it will hardly grow. Let it flow. But above all, be aware that your thoughts can change your life both positively and negatively.

It’s your decision.

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