Govt’s Digital Locker Benefits, Requirements to Open DigiLocker

Digital Locker or DigiLocker Benefits

Indian government has launched digital locker facility also called DigiLocker which is linked to an individual’s Aadhar number. The primary objective is to reduce dependency on physical documents required and provided by various government agencies to the Indians and is a initiative under the digital India programme. With digital locker facility, all documents of an individual will be stored in electronic format. Check out why Aadhaar card is now becoming important.

Benefits to the registered user

  • e-Signature Facility: Also called as e-Sign. With this facility an individual can digitally sign electronic version of document which otherwise requires dongle. So any process which otherwise requires an individual to sign documents by hand will finally end as signatures would go digital.
  • Free Space: 10MB of free space to store all e-documents provided by different government agencies.
  • Documents that can be stored electronically: Some of the documents that can be stored are marriage certificates, voter ID, high school/university documents, tax related documents and many others.
  • No more physical work required as documents are shared electronically: Once documents are stored in an electronic format, individual is not required to be physically present. He/she just needs to provide URL of the concerned government department to the requesting agency for verification etc. As of now, getting and carrying physical copy of important government documents is tedious process and risky too. Because loss of even a single document can create big trouble to an individual in re-issuing a new one.
  • Storage space: Considering the fact that 10MB of space offered at present might be too less. Government will increase the space to 1GB for each locker.
  • End to fake documents: There have been innumerble incidents where fake documents were issued and misused for personal benefits. However digilocker
    will stop this as documents are linked to Aadhar number issued by UIDAI which is unique to each individual. You can now use Aadhar number to get LPG subsidy. Read more on this here.

Requirements to open digital locker

To sign-up for DigiLocker, the most important requirement is to link Aadhar number, mobile number and E-mail address in the Aadhar database system.
Check out this post on sign-up process for DigiLocker.

Are the digitally stored documents secured?

Yes. All documents are highly secured and stored on NIC’s cloud server. This server will be accessed by different government agencies for verifying individual’s documents. In fact both the issuer and requester has to register themselves in order to get unique ID.

For more details or queries, users can write an E-mail to government’s DigiLocker customer service team at [email protected]

Currently there are many free and paid services offering digital storage for your documents. ICICI bank also offers similar service.

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