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Cheapest Hair Extensions

You can beautify your hair artificially using hair extensions with ease and save time. This artificial synthetic product helps to style your hair in any shape or size and giving natural look to your hair. There are many methods of integration such as clip-on, bonding, fusion, micro rings, nettings, lace fonts and tracking available online on and with price ranging from Rs. 200 to thousands. But here are the cheapest hair extensions available on these two sites:


  • Gets attached to your existing hair quickly and saves time
  • Gives any desired┬álength such as long, short, curls and trimmed as per the requirement
  • Various colors are available such as black, brown, burgandy, red and others
  • Application is very easy
  • Washable. See below for more details on cleaning your extension.

(Instructions to use is available along with the product)

How to Care

In order to increase the life span of your extension following simple precautions should be taken:

  • Never brush it harshly
  • For cleaning the hair extension, take small quantity of water and add natural shampoo. Then rinse and wash in this solution
  • Rubbing, wringing and twisting should be avoided when the extension is wet
  • With proper care, you can increase the life span to 3+ years

Best Natural Products for Healthy Hair

Homemade shampoo using reetha, amla and shikakai is the best natural cure for your hair. Soak this mixture at night and then in the morning keep it for boiling and let it cool. Then filter the thick leftover and use it as a shampoo. Also see how to use basil leaves for hair care.

Interesting Facts

Hair extensions are also called hair hats or artificial hair integrators. It is believed that Egyptians were the first to use it human hair extensions by using simple application system of weaving and knotting.

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