Cheapest Hair Straightening Cream @ Rs. 249 & $3.47

Cheapest Hair Straightening Cream

One of the best temporary solution for making curly hair straight and smooth is application of hair straightening cream. And the process is quite simple, less time consuming as compared to permanent straightening doneĀ using straighteners.

However to straighten your hair, best cream should be chosen in order to avoid any adverse effect. There are many cheapest hair straightening creams available in India & US from famous brands which are of very high quality and protects from damage when used correctly. And amongst these, the low cost offer is available in India at and at an affordable price.

Products sold in the local shops are little expensive as compared to the products sold online and most importantly buying online saves time and you can easily compare details of multiple products along with customer reviews.


Advantages of these low cost straightening creams

  • They are water resistant because of which water will not wear off cream from your hair
  • There is firmness in hair after the application
  • Guards your tresses from damage

How to use hair straightener cream

  1. Before application, clean and wash your hair and dampen it
  2. Take small amount of the cream in your palm and then start applying from the root, dragging it till the strands. Make sure you don’t apply too much of cream which would result in greasy hair
  3. Start spreading the cream evenly by running your fingers through your hair
  4. For spreading in a better way, use bristled brush
  5. Next step is sectioning your hair using hair pins.
  6. Now blow dry your hair and by placing a round brush start at the bottom of your hair, start blow drying towards the tips of your hair
  7. Since the cream is heat activated frizzy and wavy hair will be removed and get you desired hair shape

Cheapest Hair Straightening Cream in US

People from USA can buy cheap hair straightening cream from from brands such as L’oreal, Cutler and Garnier

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