Cheapest Glucometer Test Strips @ Rs. 499-525, Low Price

Low Price Glucometer

Glucometer is also called as Glucose meter and is used to measure glucose level in the blood of patients suffering from diabetes. The procedure to check the level is very easy – by placing the small drop of blood after pricking the skin with lancet on a disposable test strip, the meter displays the glucose concentration in mg/dl or mmol/l present in the blood of the person within 5-10 second. You can purchase the glucometer online and any medical store.

Here are some of the best and cheapest glucometer test strips available online by famous brands on The product kit contains test strips in 10, 50 & 100 numbers and also contains usage method. Make sure all the recommended steps are followed correctly so that the results are accurate.

Also displayed below are the glucose meter test strips in higher price range starting from Rs. 600 and above by the famous healthcare brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Accu-Chek, Omron and others. These are available at discounted price.

Precautionary Measures

Here are the most important tips while using glucometer:

  • Always wash your hands before taking the test to avoid incorrect results. If your finger contains germs then it affects the blood glucose measurement
  • If your finger comes in contact with fruit/sugar coated eating items then the device will show increased high blood glucose level
  • Make sure enough blood is taken out after puncturing the finger otherwise the monitor will show low blood sugar level
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