Cheapest Kidney Transplant in India: Free & Low Cost

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Kidney transplant also known as renal transplant is a surgery under which healthy kidney is placed in the body of the patient. Donors are typically family members or persons who have died. In India, nearly 6 lacs people require kidney transplant every year.

The cost of kidney transplant in India at private hospitals is high and normally costs between 2-3 lacs because of which the treatment is not affordable by patients from low income group resulting in death of the patient which is slow and painful.

But remember that – Cost of transplant is dependent upon many factors and for a particular patient the cost cannot be confirmed at the beginning.

Hospitals offering kidney transplant at low cost in India

There are few hospitals offering cheapest kidney transplant in India as compared to private hospitals.

(1) Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi: Started offering free kidney transplant. In October 2013 they operated on a patient suffering from end-stage kidney disease for free of cost. The hospitals offers selected medications free of cost especially to poor and needy people.

You can contact the hospital at 011-26164186 (Nephrology Department)

(2) Tamilnad Kidney Research Foundation (TANKER Foundation): The foundation offers dialysis treatment at subsidized rates and also offers financial assistance to poor and needy people.

They have provided 294,933 free and subsidized dialysis for nearly 1500 patients as on June-2019. And financial support of Rs. 245 Lakhs to 3164 patients as one-time contributions ranging from Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- for transplantation, medication, investigation and fistula surgery costs.

You can contact them at +91-044-28341635 / +91-044-43090998. E-mail: [email protected]. (Website –

(3) AIIMS, New Delhi: All India Institute of Medical Sciences also offers low cost kidney transplant which is less than Rs. 65, 000. You can reach AIIMS Nephrology department at 011-26593292 (9.30 AM to 5.00 PM). For more details on kidney transplantation at AIIMS, visit their website.

Here’s the table showing the cost component required during kidney transplant:

Sr. No.ComponentCharges
1Hemodialysis (3/wk)in AIIMS+ MedicinesRs. 20,000/- per month
2Donor work-upRs. 20,000/-
3Recipient (Non-sensitized) work-upRs. 35,000/-
4Recipient (Sensitised) work-upRs. 50,000/-
5Induction therapy (if required)Rs. 1,50,000/-
6Expenditure at the time of transplantation for surgical disposable itemsRs. 45,000/-
7CMV Prophylaxis (6 months)Rs. 64,000/-
8Post Kidneytransplantation medicines approx. Rs.20,000/-per month for the first yearRs. 2,40,000/-
(for the first year)

(4) Gujarat Kidney Foundation: Cost is very low even than the one offered by government hospitals. They also offer special discounts for transplantation and donations to the poor patients. You can contact at 079 2665 2220. (Website –

(5) Indira Gandhi Government General Hospital, Puducherry: Offers full fledged renal transplant at free of cost provided the patient and donor has first degree relationship. You can contact the hospital at +91-0413-2274552, 91-0413-2274552 / 2277545. (Website:

Preventing is the best solution

Since treatment is still not feasible, doctors advice that preventing kidney disease is one of the best solution to avoid transplant in the future. Control on diabetes and high blood cholesterol is the first and most important step in preventing kidney failure.

  • Mangat Ram

    I needed Kidney donor o+ve or o-ve kindly suggest. me. I am 39 years old I am suffering from kidney disease from 2015. My creatinine 14 blood urea 300 HB 8.0. Hvc HIV CVC negative hba1c normal, my blood group is o+ ve . I want to kidney transplant. I have no donor. My father expired. Mother’s age 70 years. My elder sister age 48 years blood group A+ve 2nd sister blood group o+ve but she is suffering from hba1c 6.0. Rejected by Pgi Chandigarh. 3rd sister blood group A-ve . 4th sister blood group A-ve,. I need donor which is blood group o+ve or O-ve .

  • kailash dhaker

    My 25year brother is having kidney issue and going on dialysis 2 times a week what would be kidney transplant expenses

  • Kidney Total Care India

    Nice post indeed.

  • Dr. Trevon Allison

    Hello everyone, a kidney donor is urgently needed. (B+ve , O+ve and A+ve) He or she should be within the age of 18 years or above.Out patient is ready to pay a huge amount up front to any interested person. Interested person’s should contact by mail to [email protected] or call us on phone number: +917030297152

    Dr. Trevon Allison

  • bilal yar khan

    Plz help me for my dad he is suffering from kidney failure I need a donor or if u can not provide a donor so plz give me cheap treatment plz I am in problem plz help me he is having dialysis for 6 months plz help me plzz

  • neha sisodia

    my father’s having a kidney issue we dont want to do a dialysis what would be kidney transplant expenses

  • naveen

    My 25year brother is having kidney issue and going on dialysis 2 times a week what would be kidney transplant expenses

  • kosha

    My mother is having kidney issue nd going on dialysis 3 times a week what would be kidney transplant expense

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  • Sushant Kundu

    My brother is suffering from CKD End stage renal failure. can you tell me the how much cost for transplant

  • [email protected]

    India also does not stay behind in treating this problem and stands side by side with the leading organizations for the procurement of this problem. Many credible and up to the standard hospitals have been set up in India for critical medical services like kidney transplant. Due to all these first class associations and latest instruments kidney failure can be easily treated and the person can relive like a health individual.

  • chinmaya satpathy

    chinmaya is my relative which he suffer from kidney failure so we are interest to kidney transplant at low cost

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