Cheap Cancer Hospitals in India – Free, Low Cost Treatment

Cheap Cancer Hospitals in India

According to the latest predictions by World Health Organization (WHO) – number of people succumbing to the deadly cancer will reach the figure of 7 Lakh by the year 2015. The major reason for cancer deaths in India is the high treatment cost and poor/inferior quality of facilities/equipments available in nearly 40% of cancer centers in India. So best solution to avoid expensive treatments is early detection and adopting preventive measures and lifestyle changes. But for the people having no alternative than to take medical services, there are many cheap cancer hospitals in India which offer very high quality medical care services. Along with these there is cancer insurance provided by ICS and NIA which has very low premium amongst other benefits.

Free Cancer Hospitals in India

  1. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai: Established in the year 1941 and one of the oldest in India, the hospital offers free cancer treatment to nearly 70% patients with world class facilities, justifying the Tata Group’s motto of returning wealth to the society. You can contact TMC – Mumbai on +91-22-24177000, 24146750 – 55 or E-mail at [email protected]Website: In a latest update, doctors at TMC are working on development of low cost medicines for cancer which would cost less than Rs.1000/month which otherwise costs, nearly Rs. 1,00,000.
  2. Tata Memorial Hospital, Kolkata: Offers nearly 50% of underprivileged people, free treatment or at a subsidized rates. You can contact TMC – Kolkata on +91-33-6605-7000 or E-mail them at [email protected]. Website:

Cheapest/Low Cost Cancer Treatment in India

Listed below are the hospitals offering low cost cancer treatment in India along with contact details:

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center: At a very nominal cost, the centre offers detection of breast, colon and gynaecological cancer. You can contact them on +(91)-(11)-27051017. Website:
  2. Shree Santram Samdhi Sthan, Nadiad (Gujarat): The trust provides consultation on cancer at a free cost or on a small token fee. Phone: +91 (268) 255-0005, E-mail: [email protected].  Website:
  3. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore: Offers free treatment for cancer to the poor people. Also the medicines sold here are priced nearly 40%-60% less than the ones sold in the market by branded drug companies. In addition to this poor people are given financial assistance through various schemes run by Karnataka government. Phone: +91-80-26094000, E-mail – [email protected]. Website:
  4. Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala: This hospital offers low cost cancer treatment to poor people than the ones offered by the private hospitals. Also the service is of extremely high quality. Phone: +91-471- 244 2541. Website:
  5. ICS Cancer Detection Centre, Mumbai: Offers cancer detection to people at a very nominal price. Average cost is very low as compared to the ones at private centres. Phone: +91-22-24125238, +91-22-24139445. E-mail: [email protected]. Website:
  6. Dharamshila Hospital and Research (DHRC): They offer free breast and cervical cancer screenings for wome aged above 40 years and low cost screenings for women aged below 40 years. Phone: 8130000120/9650392403. Website:
  • Pramod

    My wife was detected for lymph nodes malignacy and was operated wherein her uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries were all surgically removed. The Oncologist suggested 3 cycles of Radiation and no Chemotherapy is required according to him. I need to know how much would the cost of radiation therapy be in a government hospital in General category?

  • Ajit

    blood cancer any one help on free cost

  • Mrs. Taramati Upadhyay.

    I am Suffering from Carcinoma in Pasncrease with Tumour. It was detected in Oct. last at CMC vellore The Oncologist suggested Chemo Thrapy with Capacitabin Tabs, of 500mg twice daily. for 42 days. with weekly gap after every week , At the end CTS was done which reflected marked decline in the Cancer and Tumour. Unfortunately Metastsis had developed in the left Thy. The Oncologist suggested further Chemotherapy with Injection of Gemicitabin 1800mg and one tab of Erlonot 100mg daily. Total 11 cycle was administered. The Metastasis is spreading with severe pain./ The Oncologist suggested Rediation for 05 days. Repeat after 10 days for anothr o5 days. I am feling relief. Kindly give guidelines for my Oncologist as to what alternative should be follow-up. Iam eagerly waiting for your comments. Regards.

    • AllOnMoney.Com

      Dear Taramati, Sorry to hear about your health. However I’m not a doctor so cannot provide any medical advice. I would humbly request you to consult your doctor only. Wishing you a good health!


    It was very helpful. Some private hospitals should also come forward with cheaper treatment cost and surgery cost. (planmymedicaltrip)

  • Viniya

    Cancer Healer Center is also one of very well known hospital. The best part is it treats cancer patients with painless cancer therapy and treatment has no side effects.

  • Mary

    The information provided here is useful . But I wonder, why in this electronic age some institutions/experts are reluctant to give medical advice/ expert opinion over phone/mail based on the clinical observation/ test reports. It is not possible for all patients to travel long or may be in a critical condition.he discussion may be helpful to soothe the patient/family members.

  • amit kumar arhya

    it is very useful.

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