7 Reasons Why IVF Treatment Cost is High

IVF Treatment

Infertility is a health problem which affects mother and father both emotionally and financially. Not only it is hard to know that you can’t have a child, but also the financial misfortune it brings in, the reason for which we’ll discuss in this article.

For mothers, who cannot conceive naturally, IVF treatment is the solution, although the results are not 100% guaranteed.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a technique of assisted reproduction by which a zygote is produced from the fertilization of sperm and oocytes outside the woman’s body, and allowed to proceed in its development under carefully controlled conditions, until it becomes an embryo.

IVF treatment for infertility is the final hope for couples wanting to have their own child. And as they say, when the need increases, you have to pay a price. And the same applies to IVF, as the procedure comes with a heavy price tag and couples are now ready to pay anything to become parents.

According to fertility experts, the reason for the high cost of treatments are:

1) Number of Cycles involving Multiple Procedures: IVF procedure is carried out in cycles and couples have to pay for each cycle. An IVF cycle typically involves transvaginal ultrasound test, ovulation test, ovarian drilling, trigger injection, anesthesia, sperm microinjection (ICSI), embryo transfer, hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) test. If one cycle is unsuccessful, much of the procedures have to be repeated (as per doctor’s recommendations) and couples have to pay for the next cycle again. Of course, some treatment centers will offer discount or not charge for all the procedures during the next cycle. So this increases the cost of IVF and that too with no guarantee of having a child.

Also remember, the treatment cost excludes the medication cost.

2) Price of drugs: Which are very high around the world because they are recent innovations. The medicine to make a woman’s body adopt to conceiving are developed by very few pharmaceutical companies.

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3) Medical Devices: In addition, the devices/equipments used for carrying out the procedures are highly sophisticated.


4) Add-on Costs: There are many supplementary treatments associated during IVF procedure (not applicable for everyone). For e.g. In order to detect genetic defects in embryo, a technique known as Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) is carried out, which is very expensive, nearly equal to the cost of IVF. However such additional procedures should be carried only after secondary opinion or after their success rate is guaranteed as they treatment centers claim for increasing the chances of pregnancy. Otherwise couples will keep on pouring their hard earned money into the pockets of the IVF treatment centers.

5) Consulting Fees: No reason to explain this, as it is a price you pay to the medical specialist (gynecologist, typically), for the guidance provided from the start of the procedure till the end. All the medicines, treatment procedures, etc. listed above are carried out only on his/her recommendations.

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6) Location: Depending on the country or city you live in, the cost of IVF procedure varies. In urban cities like London, New York, Mumbai and others, the treatment cost is significantly higher than smaller cities or countries. However, bigger cities always has sophisticated and advanced treatment available compared to smaller ones. This is the reason why individuals are willing to get the procedure done in such cities. There are many couples who carry out IVF treatment outside of their home country, where treatment cost is on a lower side. For e.g. India is considered to be the best country for medical tourism.

7) Post pregnancy routine checks: Successful pregnancy does not mean everything is over. Mother has to undergo repeat procedures and consultation with the doctor to check whether everything is fine with herself and baby.

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