Cheapest Diabetic Test Strips @ Rs. 599 & $23.49

Cheapest Diabetic Strips

Diabetes is considered to be biggest lifestyle disease across the world. And sedentary life style is one of the major cause of diabetes. Apart from this other reasons for diabetes are:

  1. Lack of exercise
  2. Obesity
  3. Consumption of high fat and cholesterol food

And in order to test and monitor the blood glucose level, diabetic test strips are widely used by the patients as they give instant results. And depending on the need, strips are used every day, multiple times in a day, weekly as recommended by the doctor. Market is flooded with wide varieties of test strips manufactured by different companies. However the highly recommended test strips are from the following companies and are reliable and promises accuracy:

  1. Accu-Chek
  2. Bayer Contour
  3. Johnson & Johnson
  4. Dr. Morepen

Working of Diabetic Test Strips

Strips work along with blood glucose monitor. Patients has to take out blood by themselves and then apply the same on the test strip. Blood glucose monitor then calculates the blood glucose present.

Where to buy low cost diabetic test strips in India & US

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