Buy & Sell Bitcoins: 5 Most Secured Websites

Whether you want to buy or sell Bitcoin on the web, you will find many sites claiming to be intermediary in this type of transactions as a way to provide security to people and their hard earned money. This is because nowadays there are many forms of deception and fraudulent tricks that can end up leaving investors without money.
Although this intermediation involves a small cost. But it is worth it, as they safeguard your money to do business and infact normal trading.
So here is a brief overview of the best platforms to buy and sell Bitcoins so you can trade your money with confidence. These are the most popular sites that have maintained a good reputation in the transactions carried out through them.

Bitcoin’s Best Buying and Selling Platforms

The percentages they charge for their services vary and in some cases benefit those who operate with large amounts of money, which is very attractive.
So here you go:


This is one of the best sites out in the market for trading digital currencies including Bitcoins, especially since it makes trading extremely simple.
Users are given the opportunity to benefit from the ‘dollar cost averaging’ method. This means that you can set it up to buy bitcoins automatically on a weekly or monthly basis. But the biggest advantage is that, it is one of the safest places to carry out bitcoin trading.
Every transaction is monitored and every time a suspicious activity occurs, there is an investigation into the matter. And the company reserves the right to close the account once they prove that it has been abused.
Interested in purchase or selling of Ethereum and Litecoin, then this is the best online platform to earn money.
Official website:


The service offered by this site has the advantage that you will be able to find buyers and sellers of Bitcoin in your own country, which gives you the advantage of being able to use domestic banks to make transactions. It is also the fastest platform for trading the cryptocurrency.
There is no official price here, the seller sets the price and its reputation is supported by users who have already linked to it. During the transaction process Escrow or intermediary to ensure the legality of transactions.
Official website:


Here you can find a variety in the price of Bitcoin, either for purchase or sale. It has a very simple system to operate, but it is very safe too. The operations are carried out very quickly.
The collection of transaction fees varies according to the movement of Bitcoin’s value during the month in the market. The acceptable currency for the purchase and sale of the digital currency is the dollar.
Official website:


On this site anonymity is also important, your data will be well protected and cannot be used by third parties.
The amount of commissions you are charged for transactions depends on the type of currency used. Dollar and euro accepted.
Official website:



This Bitcoin market place is not as popular as the previous ones, but it does provide an excellent level of security to its users, as it makes a daily backup of the operations done on their platform.
In addition, it uses the service of a security company to prevent unwanted break-ins of which these companies are targets. The dollar is the currency you accept for transactions and the percentage of your service fees decreases as you make more transactions.
Official website:
There are many online platforms out there in the market to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins,¬† but the above listed ones are very safe and trusted by traders across the world. If you know any other platforms, then mention in the comment at the end of this article. We’ll include it in the list.

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