6 Ways Lemon Saves Money, Protects Clothes, Utensils….

How Lemon Saves Money

Everyone use lemon to give taste to their food. But have you ever thought that buying a lemon can actually save you money and protect your belongings? Then read this…

As a dishwashing bar

Every household makes use of dishwashing bar or liquid to clean utensils everyday. But you can try this simple money saving solution: Take few slices of lemon and add it in dishwashing water. This solution will give a sparkling look to your utensils.

Perspiration marks on woollen clothes

People who perspire more often see perspiration marks on sweaters/jackets or other woollen materials. Ideally people would use expensive liquids to remove such marks. But instead, you can create solution of lemon juice and water to clean these marks and then keep clothes out in air for drying. You will see marks disappear.

Shine your shoes

Your office/school shoe loses shine as it gets older. But rubbing a cloth dampened in lemon juice solution can get back it’s original shine increasing the life of the shoe. No need to put money on shoe polish. In case of leather becomes hard, apply lemon juice. Once it gets dried, apply polish in a normal way. Doing this will soften the leather material.

Remove stains on kettles

Removing stains inside the kettle is very difficult. As an easy solution to this, take 2-3 lemon skins and keep it on boil. Then pour this water inside the kettle and then rinse it. This will remove the stain and also add lemon aroma.

Protect your clothes

Many a times your detergent powder/bleach keeps stains on your clothes as it is. Best solution to this is to add small cup of lemon juice along with your usual washing detergent. You will notice visible change in any stains and also your clothes would smell nice. Also remember, lemon juice does not harm your clothes.

Hard stains on dishes

Scrubbing your dishes/spoons with lemon after sprinkling baking soda on it’s top is one of excellent remedy to remove hard stains.

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