How to Apply for a Collateral Loan in USA

Collateral loans are one of the easiest types of loans to get, regardless of your credit. In case of a collateral loan, bank or credit institution lends you the amount of money depending on the value of your collateral i.e asset.

Such loans are best recommended to individuals whose credit application has been denied.


There are various types of secured loans, borrower can keep as a security with the financial institutions:

Home: Also known as mortgage i.e. borrower keeps his/her home as a security with the bank.

Car: Keep car as a collateral.

Secured credit card: Banks will ask borrower to make a deposit against the credit card limit.

Title Loan: If you have a clear title on vehicle which has been paid-off then you can get loan against it.

Jewelry: Loan taken against jewelry (mainly gold).

How to Apply?

Applying for a collateral loan is a very simple process.

Specify the amount of money you need, then look for a corresponding guarantee for that amount. The guarantee includes items such as cars, houses, jewelry, boats, all-terrain vehicles and anything else of value. The warranty must be paid and you must have a clear title.

Take the title with your loan officer, indicating that you want to apply for a secured loan and for what amount, then provide your title. Once the loan officer determines that the value of the collateral matches the loan, the loan officer will have you complete the loan application.

Complete the application and answer any questions the loan officer has and wait for the loan approval.

Secured loans are called collateral loans because banks earn in any way. If you repay the loan, they give the collateral back. If you fail, the bank will sell the collateral for income and still earn.

Most banks will require you to have a savings or checking account with them before they give you a loan.

In case of collateral loan, the interest rate charged is low compared to unsecured loan. This is mainly because of the risks involved in case of loans without collateral.

Such type of loan is excellent for building or improving credit score. This is because when someone applies for the first time the chances of rejection are high because of lack of credit history.


Avoid securities lending companies outside of banking institutions because the interest rate is sky-high. In the end, you will repay 10 to 20 times the budget amount.

If you are not able to make repayment then ask bank to extend the timeline to avoid banks to sell your assets.

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