How to Cover Medical Expenses in USA

United States of America has always been a home to expatriates and foreigners who come for work, study or to start a new life with their families.

In either case, foreigners must make sure they are covered by health insurance in case of illness or emergency, if they do not want to be surprised by having to pay exaggerated amounts of money, hospital bills, medications or juicy fines.

What kind of insurance to buy?

The most appropriate type of health insurance depends largely on your personal needs. In principle, be sure to check with your national insurance the international coverage it offers, whether it will cover you during your stay in the USA and review its scope and limitations.

You can purchase medical insurance for foreign tourists in the USA and compare between the various insurance options to choose the one that suits you best according to your personal case. Don’t forget to check the coverage capacity of each one.

Expatriate Medical Insurance in United States

The main cover of a medical insurance of this type are protection for hospital stays, basic medical treatments, coverage for payment of fees for medical consultations and surgery, hospital accommodation, hospital and outpatient treatments, routine maternity care, visits to the doctor and prescriptions. Some companies may also include dental and vision coverage within their warranties.

Not all insurance companies offer the same coverage, so it is important to analyze your needs beforehand and take out the policy that best suits our needs.

Medical Insurance to travel to USA as a tourist

Although it is not mandatory to have medical insurance to travel as a tourist to the United States, it is advisable to obtain one. This is because medical treatment costs in the United States are highly expensive.

Most travel health insurance covers medical costs for an accident or sudden illness during a trip outside your country of citizenship. They generally cover medical expenses, prescription drugs, emergency medical evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment. Other benefits may include interruption of travel, loss or delay of luggage, etc.

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International Student Health Insurance

International students (F1 visa), their spouses and children (F2 visa) must have health insurance in order to study at U.S. universities. These plans pay for medical expenses for sudden illness and accidents, prescription drugs, emergency medical evacuation, and repatriation to your home country.

These plans work for both students coming to the United States and U.S. students going abroad for their studies. Many companies offer policies at reasonable prices, and some generate special prices for students.

Immigrant Health Insurance

Immigrants to the United States need health insurance to avoid expenses resulting from illness or accidents. They are usually long-term health plans designed for new immigrants or those waiting for their “Green Card” or change of citizenship. These plans offer coverage for two to five years and cover sudden illnesses and accidents.

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