50 Most Influential People in Global Finance: Policy Makers, Bankers, Thinkers

The published report by Bloomberg Markets magazine on the annual ranking of the 50 most influential people in the financial world whose opinions are taken into account not only by the companies and organizations to which they belong, but also by the governments of all the countries, as their decisions influence the economy of the entire planet.

In times of crisis in the global economy, their presence is increasingly significant and their names are in many cases well known throughout the world.

Selection Process

In drawing up this list, account was taken of those men and women who are influential in the industries or sectors in which they participate, in governments and economies in general, and also those who have made it possible to achieve great results for their companies.

In making this selection, they have taken into account the most influential people in finance at the moment, rather than those who have been influential throughout their career.

The list was drawn up taking into account the opinions of reporters and editors in 146 different offices, reviewing the names that have appeared most frequently in Bloomberg’s news and consulting the different rankings published in the media.

The selection was made by dividing the 50 people into 5 categories:

  1. Policymakers
  2. Bankers
  3. Money Managers
  4. Innovators
  5. Thinkers

In this ranking you’ll find important names such as Christine Lagarde, Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Steve Jobs, who has just left her position as CEO of Apple, or Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase & Co.

So here’s the list:

Policy Makers

Ben S. Bernanke – Chairman of the Fed

Agustin Carstens – Director of Banco de México

Mario Draghi – Director Bank of Italy and next Director of the European Central Bank

Timothy F. Geithner – U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

Christine Lagarde – Director International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Ali al-Naimi – Minister of Petroleum of Saudi Arabia

Masaaki Shirakawa – Director, Bank of Japan

Wang Qishan – Deputy Prime Minister of China

Elizabeth Warren – Harvard Law School Professor and potential Senate candidate

Zhou Xiaochuan – Director, Bank of China


Lloyd Blankfein – CEO Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Robert Diamond – CEO Barclays Plc

Jamie Dimon – CEO JPMorgan Chase & Co.

James Gorman – CEO Morgan Stanley

Stuart Gulliver – CEO HSBC Holdings Plc

Anshu Jain – CEO Deutsche Bank AG

Jiang Jianqing – CEO Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd.

Chanda Kochhar – CEO ICICI Bank Ltd.

Kenneth Moelis – CEO Moelis & Co.

Vikram Pandit – CEO Citigroup Inc.

Money Managers

Steven Cohen – CEO SAC Capital Advisors LP

Ray Dalio – Founder Bridgewater Associates LP

Laurence Fink – CEO BlackRock Inc.

Jeremy Grantham – Co-founder GMO LLC

William Gross – Co-Director of the Investment Office Pacific Investment Management Co.

Ho Ching – Executive Director Temasek Holdings Pte

Lou Jiwei – CEO China Investment Corp.

Mark Mobius – Managing Director Templeton Emerging Markets Group

James Simons – Director Renaissance Technologies LLC

George Soros – Director Soros Fund Management LLC

Corporate Innovators

Mukesh Ambani – President Reliance Industries Ltd.

Eike Batista – Chairman MMX Mineracao e Metalicos SA

Warren Buffett – CEO Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Jeffrey Immelt – CEO General Electric Co.

Steve Jobs – Former CEO Apple Inc.

Mikhail Prokhorov – Founder Onexim Group (Russia)

Wilbur Ross – CEO W.L. Ross & Co.

David Rubenstein – Managing Director Carlyle Group

Carlos Slim Helu – Director America Movil SAB

Ratan Tata – Director Tata Group


Carson Block – Founder Muddy Waters Research

Martin Feldstein – Harvard University Professor

Jan Hatzius – Chief Economist Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Daniel Kahneman – Professor Emeritus at Princeton University

Paul Krugman – Professor Princeton University

Jim O’Neill – Director Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Carmen Reinhart – Author of the book’This Time Is Different’.

Robert Shiller – Yale University Professor

Joseph Stiglitz – Columbia University Professor

Nassim Taleb – Professor New York University

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