13 Habits of Rich People that You Lack

Intelligence, talent and charisma is great, but this is not what distinguishes the richest people from the poorest.

The way they go about their daily lives, the behaviors they have, their thinking, their beliefs and everything that comes from themselves, has more to do with success in their lives.

Daily habits are what differentiate rich people from the rest

A large part of the activities and thoughts we have on a daily basis are performed unconsciously. We operate on autopilot.

This is how the brain saves energy. When a habit is formed and stored in our subconscious, the parts of the brain that are associated with decision making no longer participate in this activity.

In recent years it has been possible to study both rich and poor people. And it has been concluded that the conditions in which they were born mean nothing when it comes to some getting wealth and others not.

There are a good number of rich people who were poor and managed to get their fortune by differentiating themselves from the rest.

Nor did they make that much money because they had extraordinary abilities or anything out of the ordinary.

They are people like you and me, but with one difference: their habits.

The habits they practice in their daily lives have made them achieve the success they have. Rich people don’t behave the same way a poor person does.

Poor people have self-destructive behaviors that make them stay in poverty or make it worse.

Have you ever wondered why there is a small percentage of people who do succeed while others don’t? The answer lies in the activities and thoughts they have in their daily lives.

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This post discusses, how rich people think and what habits they have, so that you can start practicing them TODAY, and get a better life? Here we go!

13 habits of the rich that you don’t practice

1. Eliminate limiting beliefs

If you’ve ever had financial problems, you’ve probably told yourself phrases like “rich people have good luck and poor people have bad luck,” “poor people can’t get rich,” “I’m not smart enough,” and so on.

All those kinds of phrases or thoughts are limiting beliefs that affect your behavior negatively.

Rich people attribute their success in life to their way of thinking. Therefore, you must change your negative beliefs and turn them into positive affirmations in order to achieve everything you set out to achieve.

2. They think about the future

One thing that sets rich people apart is that they are constantly trying to predict future trends.

They don’t live worried about the future, they think long term to discover new opportunities.

One of the most famous people who implemented this habit was Steve Jobs. He was a great innovator and he showed it in his Apple products, it seemed like he knew what people wanted even before they knew what they wanted.

You don’t have to develop a product to apply this. When it comes to creating wealth, one thing we must try to do is predict the challenges that the future will bring and be one step ahead.

3. Avoid wasting time

How much time do you lose in front of a screen? It’s no secret that most wealthy people watch little or no TV, the same goes for the internet, unless it’s work related.

Successful people use their free time to work on a better version of themselves, relate to people who help them become better, organize a new project or do anything that helps them get closer to their long-term goals.

They know their time is limited and try to make the most of it.

4. Delegate the heavy work

To create wealth you have to learn how to manage your time. You can’t spend hours of hours on tasks that anyone else could do. How you delegate heavy work will determine your success.

When working on a new business or project, you will always encounter those tasks that are time consuming but must be done.

For example: the accounting of your business, the website design, calling potential clients, etc.

These kinds of things can be done by someone else who has the necessary skills.

It is advised to make a list of all your obligations and evaluate which ones have to be done by you necessarily and which ones can be delegated. Calculate the time you will save and use it to achieve better results.

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5. Avoid Toxic People

We’re as successful as the people we spend most of our time with. It’s no coincidence that rich people spend time with other rich people.

It’s the same as if you spend too much time with a person who is always complaining about everything, or criticizing others. In the end, the negativity that comes out, will stick to you too.

If you want to stop being tied to negative things like lack of money, lack of initiative, etc. Evaluate your personal relationships to see if they are helping you or, on the contrary, take you back.

How do you know this? Very simple: a good relationship is when the other person can help you to be better, like encouraging you to start a new business, or to try other new things that will benefit you.

6. Put health first

Many people do not exercise because they excuse themselves in the lack of time.

Successful people, although they don’t have all the time in the world, make sure they take care of their health through exercise and a healthy diet. They make no excuses.

Eating a healthy diet may cost you more money than the fast food you usually eat. But to enjoy your financial investments, you must first invest in yourself.

They know that their health is very valuable and without it they would not be able to enjoy the success for which they work every day. Health is priceless.

7. Control your expenses and income

Rich people avoid overspending and save first. They must pay themselves a percentage of what they earn and the rest can use it for their personal expenses. Yes, in that order.

Why are so many people living with financial problems? Because they live above what they can afford. They spend more than they earn, and debts absorb them completely.

If you want to end those financial problems, the first thing you have to do is budget your necessary expenses and cultivate the habit of saving a percentage of what you earn.

If you can’t save, you should adjust your lifestyle to your income.

Maybe you can’t keep paying for that expensive house and you’ll have to move to a cheaper place, limit outings with friends and other sacrifices. Don’t confuse luxuries with needs.

8. Establish short and long term objectives


Successful people did not dream of success and magically happened. They set goals and worked hard to achieve them.

You cannot control the outcome of a dream, but you can control the outcome of a goal. The key is to be constant.

Few people keep looking at a goal and achieve it.

What is the difference between a dream and a goal? A dream can be something like being a millionaire, being famous, etc. A goal is something more specific, like having a business that bills a million a year, reaching many people through a finance blog, etc.

We have to set both long-term and short-term goals. Everything starts with a big goal, and from this we are setting smaller goals to help us achieve this great goal.

9. They read every day

Reading information that increases your knowledge both in business and in the area in which you work, will make you more valuable to your industry and your customers. Successful people read an average of one hour a day.

The reason to read is simply to improve themselves. As I mentioned earlier, they avoid wasting time and make good use of it to be better.

Reading helps them be more connected to what’s going on in the world and they can see more opportunities, which means more money. In addition to all these benefits, reading is good for your health, among other things.

10. Focus on your goals

Rich and successful people live life with a purpose, and thanks to this, with each success they become, richer and happier.

It means that they love what they do for a living. They love to dedicate more time to their purpose.

If your job doesn’t give you enough income, it’s because you’re not doing something you like to do. When you find out how to make enough money doing what you’re passionate about, you’ve found your purpose in life.

And if you still don’t know what your purpose in life is, you’re not alone. No one is born knowing this.

But you can find out by identifying those things that make you happy, that you are good at, some talent you have, etc.

Ask yourself: what would you like to do for the rest of your life even if you didn’t get paid?

11. Money is Important

Rich people think that poverty is the root of all ills. While the average person thinks that money is the root of all ills. Coincidence?

Unfortunately, the society we live in, many people have the false belief that rich people are bad or very lucky.

Contrary to what many think, successful people know that money does not guarantee happiness. But, they also know that with money life is easier and more enjoyable.

There are many things that money cannot buy; however, it can make them easier.

12. Be Selfish

Another thought that differentiates a rich person from a poor person is the fact that they think of themselves first. Rich people go around the world trying to make themselves happy, they don’t try to save the world.

The problem is that other people see this as something negative and it keeps them poor.

The reason is simple: if you can’t take care of yourself first, you can’t help anyone else. You can’t give something you don’t have.

And the truth is that being poor, you can’t help other poor people. Being rich you can help others and contribute your grain of sand to society.

The action mentality is also a characteristic of rich people. Why do poor people play the lottery? Because they believe that a stroke of luck will fix their lives.

They live thinking that someday their time will come.

While the great masses are waiting for that famous “stroke of luck”, for someone else to solve their lives, be it their boss, God, or the government, the most successful people are out there solving big problems.

13. Vision

In the end, the only thing that happens is time. This is where vision comes into play. Rich people think about the future, poor people miss the good old days.

You only have to look at the past to see all that you have advanced or to learn from it. If you live trapped in what you think were “your best days,” you won’t get better.

People get rich because they bet on a long-term project. They didn’t know what would happen, but they give everything to achieve a better future.

The way of thinking about money is also different. When it comes to money, rich people have a logical thought, they don’t let themselves be carried away by their emotions like the vast majority of people.

They know that money is a tool for new opportunities and they don’t get carried away by fear or anxiety. They handle their money logically, never emotionally. They analyze their risks and go for it.

Rich people live by their passion. Most people don’t earn enough money because they work on things they don’t enjoy. Have you noticed that it looks like rich, successful people work all the time?

The detail is that they love what they do and that’s why they devote all their time to it. It’s something they could be doing for hours without running out of time. They enjoy the activity and it fills them.

The key is to get paid to do what you love. Remember that the income you receive is directly related to the number of people you impact.

This is what rich people focus on, making more money. It’s okay to save, but that won’t make you rich.

You must take risks to earn more, instead of saving what you already have. A good way is to invest your money. Don’t keep it in your bank account without doing anything, use it to your advantage. Make it work for you!

The expectation of rich people is to make a lot of money, while poor people expect to work hard.

Don’t fall into those thoughts that life is a constant struggle. Think big and work smart.

Your thoughts determine your actions, your actions determine your life. What kind of life do you want to have?

To be rich, you don’t need to win the lottery or expect a raise. Change begins within, in oneself.

Change the way you think and act. Leave those counterproductive habits and focus on being your best version. If you do what you always do, you will get the same results.

Of course, Rome was not built in one day and a fortune, either. The road is long and the process slow. But if you never take that first step, how will you get to the end of the road?

Dedicate yourself to what you would work for no matter what the profit, and you will see that the money will come alone. Don’t base your happiness on wealth, enjoy the road and look at money as a consequence of this.

Forget those attitudes that only make you waste time and money. They won’t help you be happier or achieve your goals.

If you are already implementing these habits in your daily life, congratulations! If you haven’t included any of these habits in your life yet, what do you expect?

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