Lack of Money Causes Anxiety and Easy Ways to Fix It

Whether you agree or not: lack of money is one of the causes of anxiety. And this article explains WHY.

How many times financial issues keep you worried and change the mood?

Many times it even becomes a cause for discussion with your loved ones. This is the reason to tell you what anxiety is, and how lack of money influences it.

Let’s begin with…

Understanding Anxiety

It is true that anxiety displays external symptoms, such as…

  • Tightness in chest
  • Sweating
  • Palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Headache; etc.

But it is mainly, a problem originating from our thinking. It is not a medical illness.

Therefore, we could say that anxiety is a distortion of our thinking that takes us to a mental place making an individual feel helpless, small and insecure.

Is anxiety and stress the same?

It’s the same thing with different effects. Anyone who suffers sustained stress can develop anxiety.

Here are some more details to know, if you suffer from stress:

Stress Symptoms

Stress symptoms varies from person to person and circumstance.

There are many physical illnesses caused by stress, but stress shows symptoms such as…

  • Tiredness
  • Bad mood
  • Apathy
  • Lack of appetite, etc.

Maybe now you’re thinking that everyone you meet is under stress.

Well… the truth is a widespread plague. Because stress results from our habits, customs, attitudes and decisions. And often, technology and society reinforce it.

So are you suffering from anxiety symptoms?

Beyond the common anxiety attacks, there are also internal symptoms warning us that something is wrong.

For example when…

  • You feel a tightness in your chest
  • You feel like eating too much, or eating when you’re really not hungry
  • You have irrational fears. You worry about things that you know most people wouldn’t worry about, or at least not with the same intensity
  • You begin to avoid uncomfortable situations. You try to nullify and park what makes you feel insecure; etc.

These are the symptoms and the main differences between stress and anxiety.

Okay, so what does all this have to do with money?

Lack of Money Influences Your Mind

When there is a lack of money at home, the situation of insecurity, and sometimes impotence, is not only psychological, but there is real insecurity. There is the possibility that you may not be able to eat or may be left without a home.

Sometimes it won’t be so extreme. Basically lack of money results in personal insecurity because we are talking about an unsatisfied primary need.

And when you begin to doubt yourself, even others, the ground begins to tremble… The base is not firm.

How to eliminate the causes of anxiety?

There are many ways and resources to manage anxiety. However, the easiest and most effective path that has helped many are:

Environmental Preparedness

If there is something external, that is currently creating a discomfort in your life, the first thing is to eliminate it.

So the first step is to identify the main sources of stress. They can be people or situations.

Write them down on a sheet of paper.

Do you have it? Then let’s move on to working on your mentality.

From lack of money to abundance

Lack of money is a situation. But abundance is a state of consciousness.

And it’s not just about money. It has to do with…

  • Feeling worthy to live in better situations than you have lived to this day
  • To allow you to try new things and opportunities (it is also a question of self-esteem)
  • Value all the facilities you have had in some aspects of your life. Be able to identify and thank for everything that has gone well
  • Be thankful to all the people who are and have been a part of your life; etc.

If you think you are a victim, you are unable to think that you have everything you want and need.

Therefore, to cure anxiety, and your economic situation, which will surely be closely related to your mind, you have to start there, by healing your thoughts. 

Here’s how….

Mental Preparation

Let’s see what you can start doing to heal your mind and, consequently, your finances.


Feng Shui and Buddhism say you have to make room for new things to come in.

They are still booming after thousands of years. So why not pay implement them?

So start with an external cleaning:

  • Clean the home
  • Car
  • Relationships that are no longer productive
  • Situations that don’t bring you anything (maybe watching TV)
  • Tasks that are not focused on your well-being; etc.

Literally leave empty spaces in your house, car, and above all, in your diary. And that’s because if you’re not currently doing very well on money, it’s because what you’ve been doing so far is not effective, and you have to start doing different things.


It is essential to educate your mind to not let yourself be carried away by worries. And on the other hand, to put all your attention where you really want.

In addition, living more relaxed will allow you to feel and see more clearly, and therefore make better decisions.


Sit down and think about things, alternatives, resources and people that would help improve in your current situation.

You need to redesign your experience and finance. So it’s time to think, maybe, about things you already know how to do, or that are closer to you than you thought, that you could use now.

Write them down on paper!


Well, so far you have…

  • Identified the stress causing factors in your life
  • Left a place in your life for new things to enter (taking out everything old or useless)
  • Learned, or learning to relax through meditation
  • And created several options and alternatives that you can develop in the coming days to improve personal and financial situation.

Now you only have two more steps left: Organize and Execute!

So give yourself a couple of hours to answer all these questions. And then, open your notepad to materialize these good ideas that are going to turn your life around.

Take control of your personal finance and eliminate the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

It is must to think, organize and act differently. If not, nothing will change.

So come up with your best ideas with this reflection. You have already seen that in two hours of your life, you can change several years of sorrow and anguish.

Write down when you are going to start doing each thing:

  • How are you going to delimit the stressful factors?
  • When are you going to start meditating
  • To implement each new idea to re-establish your economy
  • To clean the house; etc.

You now have valuable information but will work only with your execution.

So beat that anxiety and achieve financial success.

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