7 Ways to Make Money Working on Weekend

Work on Weekend

There is no perfect time to start making extra income and this applies to weekend as well. So if you’re looking for extra income, you can raise some money by working on weekends. Finding ways to supplement income and earn money may be the solution to avoid debt, pay off some debts, plan a trip or even invest in some financial investment.

And here’s how to make money on weekends

Regardless of what your goal is, there are several weekend work options that can help you with this objective.

In this post, we list 7 tips that can be put into practice, depending on your efforts and ability.

Let’s go?

1. Sign up for urban mobility apps

There are several companies that can be used as a resource to work as an driver. If you have a car suited to the requirements, free time to run, it is worth considering this option.

This type of work is very advantageous precisely because it can be done at times when you have greater availability and according to the routine you yourself establish. So, if you can only drive a few hours on Saturday or Sunday, then it is fine too!

2. Create and sell handicrafts

Do you have any talent for doing manual labor? Then start using this to your advantage and offer your crafts to people. Initially, you can do it for family and friends who can even refer you to other potential customers.

You can also create an Instagram account to promote photos of your work and use it as a virtual store, reaching an even larger audience.

If you only have, really, the weekend to work on this activity, make it clear that you work on demand – so those interested will know that it can take a little time to receive the product at home.

3. Work at bars and restaurants

This type of work can be very profitable and still has a good demand. There are several bars, snack bars, restaurants and other establishments that need more people to complete the team.

Get in touch with some places and see if they need freelancers and make available their services. Among the possibilities are waiter or waitress, bartender.

In the latter case, remember that you should have the skills to make good drinks, which will be offered to the public. If you want to work with this, but don’t have much knowledge, start watching some videos on YouTube and do tests with friends and family at home.

4. Develop digital products

Digital products are sold over the internet and the most common examples are online courses and eBooks. To become a digital producer, you need to have some specific skills or knowledge about a particular subject that might interest other people.

The great advantages, in this case, is that you use something you already have (knowledge), can work without having to leave home and offer your products without having to worry about the logistics for delivery – since everything is done online.

5. Offer your services to event companies

You can also start working with event organizers for weddings, graduations and freshers parties. Generally, companies in this field hire professionals sporadically to perform on weekends or Friday evening.


So if you have time at your side, it’s an excellent option to earn extra income on weekend.

6. Translation Service

Do you have a solid skills on language other than English such as Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, German etc.? Then you can already consider teaching or translating texts as one of the weekend work option to earn money. The good news is that you can also do this online – just like colleges offer distance learning (DL).

There are already specialized platforms for this type of service. To do this, check if there is the possibility of fitting the classes with your availability.
The strong point of this option is that many students work or study (or both) during working days and can only dedicate to this type of learning on Saturdays and Sundays.

On the other hand, if you get along well with writing and have complete command of the other language, you can offer your translation services. You can earn extra money on weekend with this service and, in addition, improve your knowledge of the foreign language even further.

However, it is worth remembering that this work goes far beyond literal translation. The professional who works in this area needs to be attentive to the norms (grammar and spelling) and have the creativity to make the necessary adaptations to improve the understanding of the final content.

It is also worth mentioning specialized translation. If you have technical and scientific knowledge on a given subject, you can dedicate yourself to publications in journals and academic articles. The prices paid for these services are usually higher.

7. Be a freelance writer

You get along well with writing, you’re interested in it, but you don’t have a command of another language? Don’t worry! You can work as a freelance writer and, for that, you only need to have a good command over languages well, have a lot of creativity and know how to transmit your ideas to the computer.

You can look for clients in the market or count on specialized platforms, such as freelancer.com. It has a network of freelancers and to be part of it, just send your application.

The advantage of this work is that, precisely because you are a freelancer, you have autonomy to choose which tasks you want to perform and when this will be done. That’s why it’s an excellent option to occupy your weekends and make a good extra income at the end of the month.

Weekend work options are what you don’t need to get the money you need or supplement your income to achieve your goals more quickly. Do you know which of these fits your profile? Then, don’t waste any more time and hands!

And then, were you interested in freelance work? Then, take the opportunity to learn more about the subject and start working as a freelance writer!

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