Cord Blood Banking in India – Cost, Insurance, Companies

Cost of Cord Blood Banking In India

Until 2007, cord blood banking in India was considered very alien. However it has now become very popular and parents are now opting for cord blood banking since it future protects their child from harmful diseases especially the ones with family history of diseases such as anemia, thalassemia, leukemia and others. On average the cost of cord blood banking in India is INR 70, 000 till 1,00,000.

Why Cost of Cord Blood is High

But looking at the high cost of cord blood banking. parents in India stay away from it. Another reason is the unproven fact of it’s efficiency.

But why is the price so high? Since the procedure involves collection and storage of cord blood for many years in special medical freezers, parents have to pay charges annually or sometimes prepaid option is also available wherein parents pay a one time fees of upto 20 or more years depending on the bank.

Family Cord Blood Banks in India

While finalizing the best stem cell bank, it is very important to consider factors such as doctor’s reputation, technical expertise amongst many other factors. So here are the top banks in India for cord blood present in the metro cities along with their contact numbers:

  • Kolkata: Cordlife India (+91 98301 66200)
  • Mumbai: Babycell(1800 209 0309), ReeLabs(+91 22 2207 2526), ReliCord (Reliance Life Sciences) (+ 91 (22) 6767 8000)
  • Bangalore: Cryo-Save (+91 79 4005 0444), International Stemcell Services Ltd. (+91 80 6565 2220)
  • Gurgaon: Cryobanks India (+91 99 99 673602), NovaCard (1800 103 7836)
  • Pune: StemOne Biologicals (+91 20 2545 1509)
  • Ahmedabad: StemCyte India (+91 79 6170 1001)
  • Chennai: LifeCell (1800 419 5555 or SMS ‘LIFECELL’ TO 53456), Jeevan (+91 44 43524242)

It’s an Insurance for Your Child

Considering the high cost many stem cell banks offer an option to pay in instalments. Since stem cells bank protects against any potential health problem which might arise in the future, stem call banks have become a kind of an insurance provider for the child. The term used in the cord blood industry is called biological insurance.

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