Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification – What Skills You Will Learn to Boost Your Career?

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Currently, AWS is attaining new heights. In the first quarter of 2019, the market worth of AWS grew by 41%. So, gaining expertise that will make you outfitted enough to handle this high-end tool will be admittedly a smart move to make.

At this front, nothing can beat the viability of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification by Amazon. With this single validation, one can easily have a better knowledge of the fundamental cloud concepts and double up the industry’s worth. Indeed, the industry vouches for this knowledge and won’t waste a single opportunity to hire specialists who have the mention of such a certificate on the CV. The key reason behind this is the ability of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to infuse the best-of-breed and time-relevant skills.

So, let’s have a look at them to have a better understanding of the real-world viability of this AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner designation and its related CLF-C01 exam.

Better Intelligence of Pivotal Cloud Concepts

With the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, the certification holders will be able to define the AWS Cloud, its key benefits, how to encourage AWS cloud users to have a constant focus on the business values, spot the AWS Cloud economics, and find out the ways to reduce the operational costs. Besides, students will be able to have an in-depth understanding of managed services like RDS, EKS, ECS, and DynamoDB. Also, much-needed attention is given to the different cloud architecture design principles. In brief, all these skills are highly essential when AWS cloud implementation is happening in the real world.

Knowing Security Practices and Compliance

Whenever one is using any cloud-based services and products, having a better understanding of security measures as well as compliance concepts will help a lot. After completing the certification journey effectively, one will also be able to understand the AWS shared responsibility model, viable encryption on AWS for a given service, define Multi-Factor Authentication & AWS Identity and Access Management, and spot the AWS Trusted Advisor elements.

Crucial AWS Cloud Technologies

When it comes to the third skill, AWS global infrastructure, core AWS services, the use of multiple AWS Regions, and different AWS storage services are some of the key areas that are infused in the actual CLF-C01 exam. Then, an in-depth understanding of AWS Networking technologies like VPN, AWS Direct Connect, VPC, and the like is also scrutinized in detail under such a domain.

Dealing with Pricing & Billing

In the real world, as an AWS Cloud Practitioner, one has to have a better understanding of the pricing and billing process of AWS Cloud solutions. If students thoroughly examine such a topic, they will be able to compare and contrast the available AWS pricing models and figure out which one is the best for a given ecosystem. Additionally, certified specialists will help organizations sort out the best pricing support, the use cases of cost allocation tags, and recognize the available alerts.

Wrapping up

Whichever skills are needed to break into the world of AWS Cloud for a beginner, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification will equip you with those immensely. With the right amount of foundational knowledge and expertise required for real-world implementation, this designation makes the holders job-ready in no time. Plus, it not only makes you a certified specialist but also turns you into a real-world problem-solver. Good luck!

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