HDFC Bank Credit Card – Rs. 12,000 Minimum Income Requirement

HDFC BankĀ (Housing Development Financial Corporation) is India’s largest private sector bank by market capitalization. Credit card is one of the product offered by the bank which can be used for almost any purpose and comes with attractive benefits and most importantly enhanced security to prevent misuse when the card is stolen or lost. Other services offered are loans, retail banking, forex, fixed deposit, demat services, and others.

Credit cards are accepted globally both for online and offline transactions. And you can take loan against credit card and withdraw cash from ATM.

Like other banks, HDFC bank also has eligibility criteria for approving credit card, which varies for each card type. However the most common criteria is the annual income. Higher the income, higher would be the chance of approval and credit limit too. On the other hand, individuals with lower income may have to face rejection since their repayment capacity may not be strong.

Here are some of the cards along with the income requirement as shown in the below table.

Sr. NoHDFC Bank - Credit Card NameMinimum Annual Income RequiredEquivalent Minimum Monthly Income
1Freedom Card1,44,00012,000
2Bharat CashBack1,44,00012,000
3Diners Club Premium7,20,00060,000
4Diners Club Rewardz3,60,00030,000
5Business Regalia First7,20,00060,000

There could be more cards requiring low income. However details for other cards could not be obtained and users are requested to contact bank for more details.

What to do if you do not meet the income required by the HDFC Bank?

There are many other banks offering credit cards for low income earners with some requiring very small monthly income. For e.g. Vijaya Bank offers two cards Visa Classic for Salaried requiring salary of Rs. 5,000 and Visa Gold for Self Employed requiring income of Rs. 8,000.


  • Interest free period of upto 50 days
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Balance transfer
  • Reward points
  • Fuel surcharge waiver
  • Lounge access
  • Cash back
  • Free add-on card and many others

Documents required:

  • Income proof – salary slips for the last 3 months. For self employed, Income tax return
  • Photo-ID proof
  • Address proof and others

Some of the fees charged are:

  • Joining
  • Annual
  • Cash advance
  • Late payment
  • Processing fee
  • Foreign currency transaction
  • Reissue of lost/stolen or damaged card
  • Petrol transaction surcharge

Remember that:

The payment date is the last date by which bank should receive fund from the card owner on the due amount. If card user doesn’t pay the minimum balance due or full payment, then he/she would be charged revolving credit in addition to the GST.

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