Make Money Fast: 15 Crazy Ideas for Earning Quick Income

Need to learn how to make money fast? Wondering what alternatives are there for earning a little extra money in an easy way?

Hard as it may be for you to believe, there are plenty of options for doing so, and in this guide we’ve put together 15 ways to make quick cash that can help you.

From selling those items you no longer use to making money online, these methods may or may not be reliable in the long run, but when you need to make money fast, in a matter of a few hours or days, they are certainly the best option.

How to make fast money today?

Earning money fast is a possibility, and the offer of options to achieve it are immense.

While our parents and grandparents could make money quickly by mowing lawns or delivering newspapers. Today, we have a powerful tool that allows us to learn how to be millionaires in a much easier way: the Internet.

Thanks to the Internet, and its multiple platforms that match employers and employees. It is now much easier to get a job, earn extra money in your free time and achieve your financial goals in a much easier way.

1. Sell things you no longer use

Surely you have a lot of items in your house that you no longer need, you should consider selling them. Moreover, as the saying goes, Someone’s garbage is someone else’s treasure’.

An easy way to make quick money is to sell valuable, high-demand items. Look around your home for items that are commonly sold, but no longer needed.

Some items you can sell without much trouble are CDs, books, musical instruments, collectible toys, computers, televisions, speakers, video games, jewelry, crafts and even gift cards.

How can you sell these items and make easy money?

  • Post them on social networks, a contact might be interested.
  • Do garden or garage sales, you only need a table and a little shade.
  • Publishing it on online sites such as eBay will make it much easier for you to sell it.
  • Go to pawn shops, they’ll pay you for them right away.

If you want to sell your items in a hurry; set competitive prices, sell them at half the value of what you would find elsewhere. However, you should be careful, this does not mean that you sell them for a very low price.

2. Do translations online

If you have a little knowledge of a foreign language, together with the help of an online translator, you can offer your translation services online.

Nowadays translators are very up to date and the translations they do are often quite accurate. Therefore, one option may be to sell your translation service and charge for every 100 words you translate.

3. Sell hair, blood, and sperm

These methods may be disliked or unethical by many, but when it comes to making quick money, these methods can be the solution for many.

If your hair is healthy, untreated, and long enough, you can sell it without problems for hundreds of dollars.

Today there are a number of online markets for selling hair, as well as beauty salons, associations and other centers in your area that may be interested in buying hair.

In terms of figures, hair up to 30 centimeters long is often sold for just over $100 USD. As the length of the hair increases, so does the value.

As a blood donor, you can also earn money fast if you are in trouble. Different blood banks take care of the process.

In addition, in some countries the law allows plasma donation. Generally, you must be between 18 and 65 years old and in good health to donate.

Plasma is a component of blood, and the collection process is similar to that of blood donation. First, the blood is drawn, the plasma is separated.

In the United States, for example, you can earn about $200 USD a month by registering at a plasma center near your area.

Selling sperm is one of the easiest way to make cash quickly.

Many people find it unethical, and don’t like the idea very much, but for those who are willing to do so, the profits can be interesting.

Sperm donors can potentially make several hundred dollars a month, and payment is usually quick. However, the demands are strict, you usually have to be tall and healthy to become a donor.

You can find a donation center near you, register and get started as soon as possible.

Either way, you must be very careful with any of the above mentioned three options. There are a lot of scammers on the market, especially in the hair and blood trade.

4. Make money online:

If you’re interested in this way of making money fast, we’ve created a guide that explains how to make money from home.

Find small tasks and pay for them through applications or websites to make fast money.

There are several applications and websites to raise money that will either pay you for marketing tasks (such as scanning products in a grocery store) or connect you to someone who wants a more extensive task (such as taking a survey).

You may not be able to make a lot of money this way. However, because these are short and easy tasks, you can make money quickly and easily.

4.1 Participate in Survey

Surveys are common on the web and ensure fast money. Many merchants use survey responses to find ways to improve their marketing.

There are many websites dedicated to connecting users to free online surveys. They usually only pay a few dollars each at the most, but they require very little effort and can provide a quick payment.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program is another way to make quick money online by answering questions or completing simple tasks. However, payment is generally very low, often only a few cents per task.

4.2 Find focus groups online

Focus groups are composed of people who can provide a company, organization or individual with feedback on a product, design, idea, etc.

Search sites such as for online assignments, such as serving as an “electronic jury” for lawyers working on a case.

Payment for these tasks can be relatively good and disbursed quickly.

5. Make money fast with recycling

Although many may think of not doing this crazy idea. But recycling can make you money quickly and easily.

You can return bottles and cans to recycling plants to earn a few dollars. In some countries, you can get 5 to 10 cents per can or bottle by returning them to a deposit center.

Instead of throwing all those cans and bottles you have already consumed into any container, you can keep them in a bag and take them home and then take them to these centers.

Also, if you live in an urban or neighborhood community, you can make quick money by presenting a recycling initiative to them to help build a greener environment.

For example, you can tell them to give it to you instead of throwing it away. One option would be to leave an ornate container outside your house or apartment, so that the neighbors can throw away everything that can be recycled. This way you can offer them a service and you will be able to deposit all these containers in the mentioned centres.

If your state does not have a can or bottle return system, you can still make quick cash by selling aluminum cans to a junkyard.

Even if you have a large pile of scrap metal in your backyard, have an abandoned body shop or other vehicle, you can sell it in a scrap yard or recycling center.

6. Sell your images or photos:

This is for photography enthusiasts. Nowadays you don’t need a state-of-the-art camera with millions of pixels when it comes to taking a picture.

The new phones are very well equipped technologically and take perfect pictures. It’s all a matter of learning the basics to take good pictures.

Therefore, if you have landscape photos or general photos (photos with details of flowers, buildings, food, etc), which are not personal, and are of good quality you can try to sell them on some platforms with Shutterstock or Depositphotos.

7. Sell damaged or worthless electronic equipment in parts

If you have damaged or worthless electronic equipment, dismantle it and sell it in parts. Computers, for example, are filled with valuable metals such as steel, aluminum and gold.

If possible, stockpile a large number of computers to make it worthwhile. Offer to remove outdated computers from any building or school that no longer uses them.

Don’t throw away computers that work well. What you get for scrap probably isn’t as much as what you could get from selling the whole device.

8. Do occasional jobs, become a Freelancer

Consider working as a day laborer or becoming a freelancer and offering your services on an occasional basis.

You can post an ad online or search for jobs on different websites and in different newspapers. There are a lot of employment agencies that specialize in temporary jobs.

An alternative way to find daytime work is to go to other workers, if you know any, and wait for employers (construction contractors, landscapers, homeowners, and small business owners).

Common jobs that people need for workers include: construction, basic office work, raking leaves, mowing lawns, snow removal, clearing gutters, cleaning, car washing, etc. These are all traditional jobs to make quick money.

9. You can take care of or walk pets

Find friends who are out of town and offer to take care of their pets while they are out.

Professional pet care facilities are often very expensive, so your cozy home or apartment can be a very pleasant alternative.

People who own dogs but don’t have time to take their dog for a walk will appreciate service for their pets to walk. Make a flyer or post an ad on the boards or classifieds online or in the newspaper.

10. You can work as a babysitter or nanny

Child care is a common way to earn extra money. Today there are professional services you can subscribe to to connect with people who need a babysitter.

For these services, it is necessary to have a talent or experience to entertain and take care of children. If you have any certificate, or demonstrable experience, you will be provided with much more.

If this is your first time, you may be able to make money quickly by simply babysitting for people you know, or having friends refer you to other people who need a babysitter.

11. If you own a car, consider working as a private taxi driver

Companies like Uber and Lyft have become a trusted source to earn additional or full time income. These companies connect drivers to the people who need transportation and are willing to pay for it.

To benefit from this opportunity and earn money quickly, you must own a decent car, have a valid driver’s license and meet other requirements.

It may take some time to register as a driver for the service, but once you have done so, there are opportunities to earn good money, as these services are in great demand.

12. Logo design:

If you’re good at design and you’re good at handling some programs, making quick money this way can be pretty easy.

As you may know, with Illustrator you can trace images and the tracing can be done either manually or automatically.

Therefore, we suggest that you offer to design simple logos that you can find on Google and that you can vectorize automatically with Illustrator.

For example, if you offer a logo to a travel agency you can make a world ball or a compass. If it is a logo for a food company, you can offer a picture of a hamburger or if the restaurant is a vegetarian carrot.

However, if you want to increase your income, you will be able to offer personalized designs that start from a concept and that transmit the values and ideals of a brand.

For this type of design you can charge more and thus have a wide portfolio of services to offer your customers.

13. Online games can make you money fast:

Although it may not seem real, many people offer to play a particular game with others online or with the PS4.

For example, recently there was an ad for a boy who offered to play Fifa 17 for an hour for $8, for two hours for $16 and for four hours for $42. And he was successful.

If you excel at something, like gaming and want to enjoy your free time while receiving money, this can be a very profitable option no matter how crazy it may seem.

14. Sell your voice:

Sell your voice to a person who wants to put an audio or video, an audio to a presentation or who simply needs a voice for a promotional video

If you have an eye-catching voice you can sell it and charge money for the recorded time. All you need is to be given the text you need to record and have a good quality mic. You can also convert audio to text by charging extra money.

You won’t spend a lot of time on it and if you’re good at it, you can make money fast and easy.

15. Finally, if you have any talent, be a street artist.

If you can dance, play music, mime, sing, or tell jokes, you can probably get some money if you perform in public.

Make a impressive act at a place where you will find spectators. Offer people live entertainment, and hopefully they’ll reward you with tip.

Be very careful, you should always check local laws before acting in public, some areas have prohibitions or restrictions on this type of work.

Practical advice for making money quickly and legally:

While we’ve shown you 15 ways to make quick money, it’s also our duty to show you some warnings to follow if you want to avoid scams, debt and even death, in the case of blood or plasma donations.

Always remember:

  • Give fair value to what you sell, plus a competitive price.
  • Don’t risk items you can’t get back at pawn shops later.
  • If you are going to donate blood or plasma, do it in qualified blood banks, do not risk your integrity for money.
  • If you want to make extra money online, avoid giving too much personal information, bank account and credit card details. Avoid the scam.
  • You should be qualified for the temporary jobs you’re looking for, not scams.
  • If you want to be a street artist, you must be aware of the laws on doing public events in certain areas.
  • Never go into debt, if you know you won’t have a 100% sure way to repay your lender.

Try Alternative Methods

If you have a great need for money, you can always borrow from family or friends. Let them know why you need to borrow money, and offer to pay it back within a certain time frame.

Beware of loan sharks or other extortionists. Look for people who can lend you money because they want to help you, not because they want to make a profit.


You can take advantage of your bank’s overdraft protection. If you have a checking or other overdraft-protected account, you may be able to intentionally overdraw the account and take advantage of temporary payment when you need fast cash. The bank will initially cover the cost, but you will have to pay it (and the likely fees).

Withdraw cash using credit card:

Your credit card allows you to withdraw cash from ATM but within a certain limit only. This can help you get cash fast. However, the interest rates on cash advances are usually much higher than the usual credit card interest rate, which means you’ll eventually have to pay more.¬†Also, there is a negative impact on your credit score. So be careful while using this option.

Personal Loans:

If you really need money, a loan option should be the last alternative. Instead use above mentioned 15 options to make money as quickly as possible.

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